“Chimping” was for lower Primates

My long term  Project is scanning my Library of accumulated Kodachrome / Fujichrome slides into a Digital Library.

This is not an insignificant project considering the amount of slide boxes I have. I have invested in a Drobo mini to store them,as I’m only doing this task once!

That’s not to say it’s not a fun and absorbing pastime.It jogs the memory into recalling moments in your life ,that were worth Photographing – If they weren’t worth it why would you waste some of Mr Eastman’s finest recording them.

Which brings me to the ease of use and cost of Digital. Everyone does it, myself included – banging off multiple images at Birthday Parties,Weddings, Maccas ,even phones providing HDR facilities.With 4K video it will soon be possible to get a usable still from video capture.

Price constraints made you frame a shot carefully with Kodachrome – Then you waited a week to ten days for the yellow Box of  36 memories to arrive in the Mail Box ( That’s Snail Mail) with some of your memories already culled due to over or under exposure.

“Chimping” was for lower Primates. “Anticipation” was for humans.

This photo is one such image from a family holiday in Hawaii. The Sons are now 31& 29 respectively. I have Grandchildren the age they were then.

And I have Photography to thank for making me realise how blessed I am.

Canon AT-1 , Kodachrome 64 Transparency scanned and processed with On One – Perfect Effects

Tree Swing in Kauii

Tree Swing in Kauii


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