Unfurling Fern Frond

Say that three times quickly – I’ll bet you’ll laugh.

Fern Frond

Fern Frond

This particular frond sprouts very quickly and is silky to the touch.

When it is fully open it becomes hard and sharp to the touch.

It is a fantastic plant to photograph,because of all the different angles it provides.If you want to practise Macro or close up photography – it makes a great model for Depth of Field and Aperture selection.

All Monochromes aren’t Black & White.This fern has a Blue tint.,where the Cactus flower is straight Black with White.

I find the other factor influencing the tonal range, is what the original colour was before processing.This can be varied in the development stage, but why fool with Nature’s perfection?

Cactus Flower

Cactus Flower

A Print of the Cactus Flower can be purchased HERE

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