Flowers – The most Patient Models

Azalea ( Azalea indica )

Azalea ( Azalea indica )

Flowers & plants would have to be the most patient models you can photograph.

You can manipulate them, sever their limbs,spray them with water, shine lights and strobe them.

Sure they can be influenced by outside sources like the wind – but they won’t throw a tantrum – that a hair is out of place or they are late for an appointment.

The other thing is, they are very educational. When I photograph something or someone ,I like know about them. I didn’t know botanical names or where the best place is for them to grow before I started shooting them.

I have grown and matured just like a plant since photographing them – I just hope someone doesn’t come along and prune me!

Orchid (Chiloglottis Formicifera )

Orchid (Chiloglottis Formicifera )

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2 thoughts on “Flowers – The most Patient Models

  1. Aye😄am in agreement…and ummm noooo tantrums!!!!

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