Something out of Proportion in Florence!

Now I’m not going to start pointing criticism at one of the most renowned sculptures in the world but – something in this photo, belonging to David, is out of proportion to the rest of his body.

Michelangelo's David

Michelangelo’s David

It’s his right hand – Oh thank god I hear you say!

Scholars believe that the statue was originally to be positioned at the top of the Florence Cathedral,  the hands and the head were accentuated ,so that when viewed from the ground looking up everything would be in proportion to those below.

Or maybe Michelangelo , wanted to cryptically depict David ,the guy that took Goliath down, with an enlarged right hand from the Sling – his weapon of choice.

Or Michelangelo’s model was a typical teenage boy – who really knows?

David weighs six tonne,I wish I could carry weight that well, and the officials could not decide how they would place such a weight on the cathedral roof .

I took this photo prior to 1991, before the Statue was attacked with a hammer and damaged. The samples taken from the vandalism ,revealed it was very soft marble,so probably wouldn’t have lasted ,exposed on the Cathedral roof.



David is a big Attraction, but a fraction of what this wonderful city offers.

Florence is a beautiful city, has great culture, great people and history around every corner.

Do yourself a favour visit Firenze, capital of Tuscany.

Canon At-1 ,50mm 1:8 lens, Kodachrome 25

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