Grape Vines at Mudgee

Mudgee is about a 3 drive from Sydney, on the other side of the Great Dividing Range ( Blue Mountains) NSW, Australia.

It has really great soil and climate for wine production. It is also very popular for weekend getaways , Hens’ Parties and the like

I go there fairly often ( not for Hen’s Parties) and always pass these vines in the middle of the day.

Grape Vines at Mudgee

Grape Vines at Mudgee

From a photographic point of view, it’s not the best time to take landscape shots. The sun is just too harsh. What you do get though is great cloud cover and contrast.

There are two ways around this.Use a Neutral Density (ND) filter or Post process.

The image above was taken with a 8mm Fisheye. You will notice the Vine support post has a curve in it.You cannot put a ND filter on the front of the lens due to the curvature of the front element. However there is a holder at the rear of the lens to insert one. I don’t know how you do it without putting fingerprints all over the filter!

The image below is with a 14mm Lens.I have no real excuse ,but laziness, not to use one in this instance.

Track beside Grapevines

Track beside Grapevines

In the end both images were first developed in Lightroom 5, then tweaked using Perfect Effects.

For more information on Mudgee – Tweet @MudgeeRegion or go to their website


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