To Someone in The Antipodes – Your living in an Exotic Location!

You don’t have to make epic journeys to capture your images.

Look at this way, to someone in the Antipodes , your living in an Exotic location.

Bougainvillea at the Gatehouse

Bougainvillea at the Gatehouse

This Bougainvillea Spectabilis is a native of South America. I don’t have to go there to photograph it. It’s in a suburb of Sydney, Australia.

I shot this for an editorial stock image, but liked it that much ,decided to fiddle a bit. The original had a power line ( see second photo) and a jogger at the end of the street. I like drawing people’s eyes into a scene, so erased the jogger , which makes the path the focal point.


Bougainvillea come in a great many colours,they are very hard to prune,as once you have cut them they create thorns instead of Bracts. The bracts are the colour you see in these images.

The Vine like plant was named after the French Navigator / Explorer Louis Antoine Bougainville ( 1729-1811)

With a Hola Effect

With a Hola Effect

Canon 600D, 28-135mm Lens,Aperture & Perfect Photo suite

Take a Journey today- and capture the Exotic!


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