Three Hibiscus – What’s Your Favourite?

The Hibiscus has a number of varieties .

They grow as either a small shrub to small tree. Hawaiian varieties have smooth edges on their leaves, while the Australian ones have serrated edges.

I prefer the Hawaiian, as their flowers are larger and better hued.

Hawaiian Variegated Hibiscus

Hawaiian Variegated Hibiscus

The trade off is – The flowers only last one day.

I picked this one below from a garden nursery – The lady, whose name was Flora, told me it was a Chinese variety. If someone could confirm this I would appreciate it. The flower hangs down like a Chinese lantern,which could be where they get their name.

If someone could also confirm the lady’s name was Flora, ’cause I keep thinking she was on weekend detention and using an Alias!

Chinese Hibiscus ?

Chinese Hibiscus ?

They are a very well structured and delicate flower that also happens to be very photogenic – Colour or Monotone.

Black & White Version

Black & White Version

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2 thoughts on “Three Hibiscus – What’s Your Favourite?

  1. 10littleducks on said:

    Haha flora. How mysterious :p

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