Before The Wall Came Down

As this week marks the Anniversary of the starting of World War 1, I thought I might post an image Berlin in 1979.

Then you had to go through Checkpoint Charlie, be scrutinised by the East German Border guards and exchange a certain amount of their crap valued money for real Deutschmarks.

The East German way of life was stone age compared to their West German Counterparts.

This is not Syria, Iraq, Gaza or Afghanistan – It is smack in the middle of Europe less than 40 years ago.

Can’t happen again ?

Try telling that to the Ukrainians right now, or better still tell those brain dead sabre Rattlers in charge !

War is Futile.

East Berlin - Not that long ago.

East Berlin – Not that long ago.

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One thought on “Before The Wall Came Down

  1. I remember these days and later when the wall went down. We are so foolish in thinking that will never happen again…

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