Paragliding At Warriewood Beach

Warriewood Beach is North of Narrabeen Beach.It is a small beach, protected by cliffs.
You may have seen it in TV serials such as “Home & Away”.

Paragliding off Warriewood

Paragliding off Warriewood

It is Popular with Paragliders, when the winds are coming from the right direction.

Although you require a long telephoto lens to get decent shots,by changing your perspective you can can get really interesting images like this one

Paragliding Marionette

Paragliding Marionette

These shots were taken with a Canon 600D,120-400 Sigma Lens  (192-640 crop Factor)

One of these guys landed, packed his chute and harness away and hopped on his motorbike and rode off – nothing surprising there but ,he was at least 70 years of age!

Then again he might have been a lot younger and his aerial pastime may have aged him prematurely! 

Hitching A Ride

Hitching A Ride


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3 thoughts on “Paragliding At Warriewood Beach

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  2. Stunning captures! 🙂

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