Sunrise Sunset

One of the editing programmes I use is Photomatix Pro.

It allows you to combine a number of exposures and merge them into one image. This is better known as HDR ( High Dynamic Range)

Moon Over Beach

Moon Over Beach

The image above was 5 exposures taken in the dark. If you look closely at the moon , it isn’t round. This is due to the length of exposure – the shutter is open that long and the moon orbit is rising in the image, the moon appears elongated.

I included the image ,to show an example of what seems like a good idea at the time doesn’t work. There is another way around this situation – expose the seascape at Dusk,shot the moon as a seperate shot and Mask the two images together.

The image below is 4 exposures merged. I think it’s a great example of what can be done with HDR, without going overboard.



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One thought on “Sunrise Sunset

  1. Beautiful image with a deep mood! 🙂

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