Paraglider, Hang Gliders And A Gifted Natural, At Warriewood Beach, Australia

Most humans and one time or another have had the wish to fly. We envy the birds for the perceived freedom that flight provides.

These guys have come pretty close to achieving the unassisted flight grail,but can’t compete with this upstaging Kestrel

Paraglider & Kestrel

Paraglider & Kestrel

Warriewood is great place to take off. These two guys were heading out and explained to me they could travel up and down the coast for Kilometres.

The Take Off Zone At Warriewood

The Take Off Zone At Warriewood

As one of the Gliders went overhead, I had this vision of a Leonardo DaVinci Drawing, using a texture in Macphun Software, I uncovered one of his lost 400 year old drawings…hmmm maybe not!

A Lost DaVinci Drawing?

A Lost DaVinci Drawing?

Tech Stuff: Canon 600D, 28-135 & 120-400 Zooms developed in Lightroom 5 & Macphun software

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