Sandstone Escarpments – Blue Mountains, Australia

The Blue Mountains, west of Sydney, are part of the Great Dividing Range that runs along the entire East Coast of Australia.

Their colour comes from the Eucalypt trees emitting an oil into the atmosphere.

Blue Mountains Escarpment

Blue Mountains Escarpment

The Sandstone changes colour depending on the time of day and the make up of the sedimentary sandstone faces.

These two images were taken from the Bell’s line of road, one of two ways to cross the Great Divide.The other is the more popular  and populated Great Western Highway.

Our Forefathers were really into that word “Great”. Being an old country geographically, the Blue Mountains would hardly rate as mountains in other parts of the world height wise ,but more than make up for that, with visual impact.

Afternoon Sun On Sandstone

Afternoon Sun On Sandstone

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