Ormiston Gorge ,NT Central Australia

Ormiston Gorge is near Alice Springs and Uluru in Central Australia.

Phil, a friend of mine took this shot.

With his permission I processed it, to what my idea of the perfect Billabong would look like.

Th Perfect Billabong.

Th Perfect Billabong.

A Billabong is normally made by a serpentine river getting one of it’s bends by- passed by the flow of the river,bursting it’s banks and finding an easier path.

They are sometimes called Ox Bow lakes.

But any waterhole in Australia can be called a Billabong.

Why? Easier to say than Waterhole!

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2 thoughts on “Ormiston Gorge ,NT Central Australia

  1. Great photo. It captures the beautiful colours of the centre. http://www.norrisaroundaustralia.com

    • Thanks, A mate took this image. He doesn’t manipulate anything. but I think the enhancement, made the midday shot look better – a bit softer. Ill let him know you liked the shot.

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