Beach Scene with Panotomic X For Monochrome Madness

I have posted this image before in colour.

I have started submitting images to Leanne Cole’s ‘Monochrome Madness’ Blog. It’s great to see other submissions and get feed back. I thought with the right processing and cropping, this one could make the conversion to Black & White.

Belongil Beach with Panotomic X Filter

Belongil Beach with Panotomic X preset

Yesterday, on her Blog, Leanne was discussing the the use of graduated filters on camera and how she was experimenting with the Cokin Filters. These systems were originally developed for film – pre digital ( I used them extensively shooting weddings. The bellows lens hood on the Bronica had an inbuilt filter holder )and cannot come near, what can be achieved in post processing.

  • You can’t change your mind at processing ,if say you have used a graduated Magenta -to tone the skyline and want to return to the original toning.
  • there is a good chance of collecting dust between the filters if using multiple filters.
  • The extra “stuff” you have to carry and stick on the front of your lens.

These effects can be emulated with software, with the added advantage of varying the degree of graduation, as well as, positioning.

On One software for example, allows you to position the graduated filters above,below,to either side or as an elliptical vignette.Then change the colour of the filter.

That’s five shots on site,compared to sitting in front of the monitor with a cocoa.

The B&W image above was treated in Macphun software with their Panotomic X preset.



This was the original image,which was a composite of three exposures.The sunburst and the accentuated cloud formation was from using an 8mm Fisheye lens.

Now I know I’m contradicting myself by saying it takes five shots to emulate the software ,then tell you that it was a compilation of three exposures – but they were straight exposures with only shutter speed adjusted. The three exposures were to achieve a broad exposure range.

I am not for one minute suggesting that you throw out the Cokins or any other filter.And I’m certainly not “telling” an accomplished Photographer ,like Leanne Cole,what she can and can’t do with her wonderful images.

In fact, filters are fun to use and experiment with.

And if experimentation leads to you becoming a better, more proficient photographer then more power to Monsieur Cokin’s product.And I think that’s why Leanne posted the blog on filters in the first place!

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