A Watershed In My Photography.

I spent nearly twelve months travelling Europe in 1979. On that trip I had a Canon AT-1 with a 50mm 1.8 standard lens. It was loaded with Kodachrome 25.

The Kodachrome 25 was supposed to Kodachrome 64, but my future Brother in Law, picked up the wrong boxes for me.

So I went around Europe using the finest grain film available at the time – with virtually no exposure latitude.

Why is this a Watershed image?

I was transferring these images to a Drobo Drive because although Kodak said these transparency films would last 50 years or better, that didn’t take into account mould, mildew & physical damage.

They recorded a wonderful time in my life,with someone I truly loved and I wanted them protected.

To clear some of the dust marks on the scanned images, I used the Perfect Eraser in Perfect Effects Software.

The Watershed moment came when I was working on this image ,of the Colosseum, and realised that I could manipulate the image – combining old film with Digital processing, while still keeping the original memory / slide intact.

I would encourage anybody to try this , if your a bit jaded about your photography, or you are in a rut, as to what to shoot next, this could be your saviour.

I used to be one of those photographers who tried to get everything right in camera and to hell with post manipulation. That probably stemmed from spending nigh on a year with the limitations of the equipment that I had with me at the time.Then shooting weddings ( once in a lifetime events) when I got back to Australia, just reinforced that in camera process. I still try to get every thing right in camera but now happily embrace the technology available.

My Most significant photo?

Tech : Canon AT-1, 50mm Lens, Kodachrome 25,scanned into Aperture and processed in OnOne Perfect Effects software

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