Windmill Near Dubbo, Australia.

Dubbo is about a four hour drive west of Sydney, in a Region called the Western Plains.

The majority of tourists who go there, apart from the ‘Grey Nomads’ caravanning , would be visiting the Western Plains Zoo.

There other things to see in Dubbo, like the old Dubbo Jail, but Dubbo is mainly a big regional hub ,where the Newell and Great western Highways intersect.

I love this part of the world.My Mothers family came from Wyalong and I would go up there on school holidays.

For me, travelling back to places that you went to as a child,brings back really great memories – it’s the same with food – something your Nanna baked was the BEST thing you ever tasted – and no one cooked liked Nan did.

On those six hour drives to West Wyalong, you would count these windmills,sheep,rail crossings and get hypnotised by the telegraph lines dipping between the poles while lying on the back seat of the car.

Windmill near Dubbo

Windmill near Dubbo

Now regular followers of this post know I scan and process images from slide film. When you do this,depending on the Slide mount, you have to crop the corners, to get them perfectly square.

Since this is a Nostalgic – “My Nan was the Best cook in the World” sort of post, I thought I would treat a digital image to a bit of film effects as well.

Taken with an Olympus EPL-5, 45-200 Lumix Lens, Lightroom 5, Macphun Tonality Pro.

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