The Mudgee Time Machine

Mudgee is a great town.It’s a fair way from Sydney, but that’s probably the lure of the place.

If you took the McDonalds,Aldi & Woolworths out of the town it would be a time capsule from the 60’s or 70’s

Oh and Roundabouts! There wen’t to many of these back then either.

The roundabout on Church Street

The roundabout on Church Street

I apologise to the Progress Association of Mudgee, but when you still have a Church, on Church Street it proves my point.

Most Church Streets in Sydney have Car parks and Thai Fusion restaurants.

The other thing that I like about Mudgee is the pride the locals have for the town.I was set up on the edge of the Roundabout with tripod and a “Local” comes up and proudly points out the Church Steeple had just had it’s Steeple re coppered and then gives me a brief rundown on what else I could photograph in “Beautiful Mudgee”.

In Sydney, I would have had a Council Ranger issuing me an on the spot fine for having three legs on my Tripod.

I had in mind a HDR when taking this image and being late afternoon,took 5 shots, to process in Photomatix Pro.The other reason was to get rid of traffic on the Roundabout.

In the end I didn’t have to bother fusing the images – it turns out this one was perfectly exposed after a bit of tweaking with onOne software and using the perfect eraser to get rid of power lines and cars.

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