A Trip To The Moon

There are two things stopping me from signing up for a commercial trip to the Moon.

Money is the first Hurdle – The fees are “Astronomical”

The second is time.I doubt by the time they have ironed out the bugs, and then which Government – Country and Department wise is going to control it I’ll be looking down at the moon.

In the meantime ,I mount a telephoto onto a camera,mount the camera on a tripod,strap myself into a comfy chair -left hand on cable release, right hand clutching a chocolate – Space Travel burns a helluva lot of calories!

Space Travel

Space Travel

Full Moon taken with an Olympus EPL-5, 45-200mm Lumix Lens @ 180mm (360mmFF) 2 exposures fused in Photomatix Pro,processed in Tonality Pro then Flipped upside down. ( When your in Space – There is no up or down ,Right?)

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